Rocamar marble company is established by Numan ÖZLÜTÜRK, Candan ÖZLÜTÜRK  and  Roque MARTİNEZ for produce marble in Turkey and  marketing these production in Spain. Rocamar marble  reached its target in a short time with its experienced staff. Our company has a marble factory in Uşak, and also has marble quarries in Uşak, Sivas, Eskişehir, and Muğla. Different kind of marble(Uşak: White, Sivas:Onyx, Eskişehir  Travertine ) production is going on in our quarries and factory. İn Spain Our marketing company  Telmar srl  has stores in Alicante, Valencia and Cadiz.  Our company, that the only aim is to improve, is seeking for new marble mines



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